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how long does the scent last?

In general the scent lasts approximately 1 years. How long the scent in your Herbal Animal lasts is a function of how often you rub it. The more you rub it, the faster the scent is used up. For maximum longevity, rub your Herbal Animal only when you need it, just before using it. But don't be overly concerned about the scent being "used up." It's for relaxing after all--enjoy your Herbal Animal!

 how do I renew the scent?

Your Herbal Animal is filled with a blend of organically grown flax and herbs. To renew the scent, just rub him or her gently. No oils are used in the manufacture of Herbal Animals, as they would stain the cotton "skin." The herbs themselves contain minute amounts of oil. When you rub your Herbal Animal, you are breaking open these herbs and releasing the oils, hence the scent. Just rub and enjoy!

 how do I clean my Herbal Animal?

Made of flax seed and herbs, your Herbal Animal cannot be machine washed. (Every once in a while we hear from a customer whose Herbal Animal has suffered this fate. The best thing to do at this point is give the little fella a proper burial in the backyard and start over with a new animal). If your animal gets a small spot, you can try spot washing with a damp sponge only. Then towel dry and blow dry your Herbal Animal either in the clothes dryer on low heat for 15 minutes or blow dry it by hand with a blow dryer.

However, spot washing is not for the faint of heart and is done at your own risk. The best solution is prevention: buy a nightshirt and protect your Herbal Animal from the start. You can machine wash your Herbal Animal's nightshirt, and he or she will look very chic!

  why does the package say 3 to 103?  what about the under 3 crowd?

We are very conservative where children are concerned. Herbal Animals are not appropriate for babies, and by extension small children. As with any toy, the parents must ultimately make decisions which products are appropriate for their children.

  how do I pick a scent? what does each scent do?

Which one is best for you is a question of personal preference. All of the scents we use are selected for their relaxing or health benefits.

  I like it toasty, can I microwave my critter?

Yes, you can. However, we believe that when you microwave herbs, they lose their potency. Since our herbs are certified organically grown, they have a wonderful scent that you will want to keep for a long time. In short, we don't recommend microwaving.

However freezing does not appear to have the same effects on herbs as microwaving. You can put your Herbal Animal in the freezer in a sealable plastic bag for a lovely cold pack good for refreshing puffy eyes. Or for children, keep an Herbal Animal in the freezer at all times for those everyday bumps and bruises that benefit from the application of a cold compress. It will take your child's mind off of what's hurting!

what type of shipping options do you offer?

We use United Parcel Service (UPS) + United States Postal Service (USPS) to ship our products to you both in the US and internationally. We offer several options for expedited shipping.  

 can I get my order gift wrapped?

After you pick out the perfect something, allow us to give it the charming presentation.  Give stylishly with our recycled kraft paper with pistachio green, rose pink, or crimson red ribbon.  

  • if you'd like to submit a gift message, we'll attach a personalized gift card to the box. 
  • indications of price are always removed from the product or invoice. 
  • each gift will be wrapped individually.  fees apply to each gift selected.
what is your return policy?

We want you to love all the stuff you get from us. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we are happy to offer you an exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase provided that the returned items are in their original, unused condition.  Refunds will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment, less shipping. For items that are damaged or defective, please call us at 301.229.6550 so we can take care of your return.

To complete a return: Using your own trackable and insured shipping method, mail your return to:

    Herbal Animals
    Attn: Returns
    PO Box 765
    Sparks Glencoe, MD 21152
    Order # ___________

Any shipping fees associated with returns or exchanges for items that are not defective are the responsibility of the customer. Thank you.